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My name is Sylvia Bargellini. I’m a driven user researcher with training in industrial design. I relish opportunities to solve complex human-centered design challenges. My background helps me to create valuable, actionable insights from research and to effectively communicate them back to designers, engineers and other stakeholders. I can deliver:

  • Strategic thinking around all product user experience and interaction

  • Actionable user-centric research findings

  • Artifacts, like user scenarios and personas, which create empathy

  • Timely and thoughtful work


Case Studies

Research - Element Science - Defining Metrics

Research - Element Science - Defining Metrics

Industrial Design - SHIFT - Wheelchair Cushion

Industrial Design - SHIFT - Wheelchair Cushion

Research - Proteus - Study Materials

Research - Proteus - Study Materials

UX Design - City 2.0 - TED Prize Winner

UX Design - City 2.0 - TED Prize Winner



Sylvia has been nothing short of amazing! Not only did she deliver on the pure UX side, but she was a huge help on the data collection part of the study that helps us to validate the sensor. She drafted the legal documents and took it upon herself to find all the relevant parties and get them to work together to get the project over the finish line. She gave us directions for what the UI should look like and did not get stopped by unreliable/not-easy-to-use/prototype software. We definitely wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t performed so far beyond expectations, I can’t thank her enough for her contribution!
— Software Engineer at Google
Sylvia has been an incredible partner and made excellent suggestions (and just a really great person to work with in general. For example, she pushed to change certain terms for the deliverables in order to drive change in how we think about research as a company.
— PM at Google
Sylvia is a pleasure to work with, extremely sharp, keenly observant with fantastic attention to minute details. I worked alongside her in a UX/ID setting and learned so much in the process. I would happily work with her again.
— Phil Long - Sr. Soft Goods Designer at Element Science
Sylvia was a delight to work with on a number projects. We worked most closely on a clinical study focused on the latest Proteus Digital Health wearable sensor in combination with our digital pills. During this project she showed her incredible work ethic and can do attitude to manage all the user experience logistics required to launch and run the clinical study.

I highly recommend Sylvia and would love the chance to work with her again!
— Olivier Colliou - Lead Mechanical Designer at Proteus Digital Health

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Click here for a Letter of Commendation from The Design School at Arizona State University.

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